MuseCon Class Registration On-Line!

Class registration for MuseCon is up and running! Point your browser at www.musecon.org and you can register for the convention and classes!

Yes, some of the classes have pre-registration: either they have a materials fee, or they are limited in size. Yes, we have the schedule that far along.

AFAIK none of the classes *require* pre-registration, but it's certainly a good idea.

If all the official slots in a class fill up, you don't really want to make the widget, or your budget is tight, you're always welcome to attend and listen.

And finally, if you know you'll be staying at the hotel, please don't wait to make your reservation.

Why yes, I *am* promiscuously cross-posting. I'm in charge of Public Relations for MuseCon, it's my job...

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Back to Status Quo

Ok, I think the MuseCon Report post has been up long enough. 

Before I go back to lurkdom, I'd like to recommend Google Reader to my Google-using friends.  I use it for all the blogs I read that aren't on LJ, and some LJ blogs I read that aren't on my FL (a couple groups, authors, and the like where friending just seems wrong, even though I know "friend" is just shorthand for "reading list"). 

That said, here's the moved-to-WordPress notice:

My personal blog:

Ron’s personal blog (rarely posted to):

Eventually the Otter Necessities blog will also be ported.  One of these days.  Really.

All my LiveJournal posts have been ported over to WordPress, amazingly quickly and painlessly.  Ron ported his LJ posts and our photo blog posts over to his blog.

I'll still be reading my friends-list, so my LJ account will stay active.  Not sure if we'll be deactivating our Blogger blogs, or just letting them sit. 

MuseCon Report . . .

. . . on my active blog:  http://www.dracos-otter.com/otter_blog/?p=546

Also more about Ron's close encounter of the crunchy kind with a semi on the way home this morning.  The Durango is at the shop for an estimate (fingers crossed for not being totalled, please), the semi will need some work, the humans are fine.


Moving to WordPress

We’ve switched over to using WordPress, which is hosted under our control, is endlessly customizable, and plays nicely with iPhones and other mobile devices.

My personal blog:

Ron’s personal blog:

Eventually the Otter Necessities blog will also be ported, we’re playing with our personal ones first.  

All my LiveJournal posts have been ported over to WordPress, amazingly quickly and painlessly.  Ron ported his LJ posts and our photo blog posts over to his blog.

I'll still be reading my friends-list, so my LJ account will stay active.  Not sure if we'll be deactivating our Blogger blogs, or just letting them sit. 

Bees . . . Not

As I mentioned earlier, a couple weeks ago I ordered a package of bees to replace the colony in one hive that didn't make it through the winter. Then Ron built the new top-bar hive, and I was able to add a second package onto my order (and without having to mail a second deposit).

The bees were scheduled to arrive the 20th or later. So, being optimistic, I've been waiting for my phone to ring saince Monday. And, looking at the weather for the next week (cold and rainy), we were REALLY hoping they'd be in todaay. The Dadant office in Watertown, WI is a good two hours from home, and it's 30-45 minutes from work to home, and IIRC they close at five. So, by lunchtime I was pretty antsy.

To add to the fun, today we took our kinda-secretary out for lunch ("kinda" because she works for a different section, but is nice and keeps us from insanity). I was half-expecting to get the call to come get bees once the waitress took our order. No such luck.

About 3:00, Ron tried calling (I kept getting a busy signal). He had phone-fu and got through. Bees delayed about a week by inclement weather in California, they'll call us a day or two before arrival.

Back to waiting . . .

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Doggie Lunacy

Eowyn decided, yesterday, to prove that she isn't too old to trust.  Not that we'd exactly fallen into that trap.

For something like a year, maybe longer, she's been using the space under one of the tables in the dining room as her very own cave.  I think she started doing it when her hearing got bad, it's hard to "sneak up" on her and startle her when she's in it.

Since late summer - early fall 2008 there have been jars of honey in the dining room.  Specifically, mason jars with the spiffy plastic caps that I like better than the traditional 2-part metal caps for non-vacuum-sealed sorts of applications. 

Yesterday, at about quarter to 4, Robin called.  A jar of honey had broken and Eowyn had oh-so-helpfully cleaned it up.  Some blood was to be seen on her legs, but not much.  He checked her mouth and legs, no current bleeding.  Further discussion revealed that there were no sticky-carpeting issues to speak of, although sharp glass had apparently discouraged her from thoroughly cleaning all the glass.  Considering what a blood-sugar spike a half-pint or pint of honey could entail, even though she seemed fine to Robin, I called the vet, who said to bring her in.  While we were on the way home, Robin attempted to re-assemble the jar, to see if it was all there.

(the previous paragraph condenses several phone calls down).

Eowyn seemed alert and happy when we got home, and off we went to the vet's.  90+% of the jar was accounted for, but not 100%, although the missing bits were quite small.  No X-Ray, as any possible bits wouldn't show up anyway.  The vet checked her mouth and legs again, the blood spots on her leg are assumed to be from a small cut in her mouth somewhere that the vet didn't find.  Feed her a bland meal and keep an eye on her, were the instructions.

Eowyn's sugar buzz seemed to manifest by not napping from the time Robin discovered her until bedtime.  :)

It turns out she didn't clean up after an accident, she gnawed her way into the jar.  A half-pint, as it turned out.

At this point, I'm just happy it wasn't one of the half-gallon jars.  The honey has now been relocated to a doggie-inaccessible spot.

Although he doesn't seem to have participated in the honey thievery, Elrond did do a bit of backyard excavation, just to prove that he's still up for getting into trouble, too...
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Karate Weekend

Home from Antioch, again.

Yesterday was the black belt test.  Robin is now a 2nd degree black belt, yay!

The test yesterday lasted a bit over 4 hours, but we dropped him off fairly early, so we had a lot of time to kill.  Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a lot to do in Antioch.  Back again today for a three-hour Master's Clinic.  We didn't bother staying to watch today (somebody decided to charge $10 to watch, pretty sure not Wayne, but we'd likely have skipped it anyway).  But there's a nice little park near the Antioch Villari's, so we sat there today an much of yesterday.  I've gotten a bunch of knitting done.

And Robin has karate again tomorrow - he and several of the other teens are now moving up to the adult class. 

It'll be nice only having karate twice a week.  The last month-ish the teens have also been welcome to the adult class for test prep.  He hasn't always made it due to homework, but we don't know about that until he gets home, so 4 days a week I've been figuring out more or less quick meals.  Now I can go back to only 2 days/week for that.  And the adult class is also a half-hour later in the evening, which will be nice.

Gobs and Gobs of Natter, mostly bee-related

It's been a busy almost-week.  Let's see, last time I posted here was Tuesday, with pictures of the Nicor contractor's truck and trailer. 

I'd stayed home Tuesday with an upset tummy, but it settled down some, so after taking the first Nicor picture, I went out and cleaned up the east hive, which had died out over the winter.  Even more nattering and some pictures from that over at the picture blog:  http://dracos-otter-pictures.blogspot.com/2010/04/hive-cleanup.html

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In non-bee goings-on, last night I finished the socks I was working on for Ron.  There's a post about that and a picture over on the picture blog:  http://dracos-otter-pictures.blogspot.com/2010/04/rons-new-socks.html

For dinner last night I did what was billed as a Cuban pork roast.  Pork marinated then braised in citrus.  I didn't actually do the marination, but it was pretty good.  And next time I'll use a more marbled piece of meat, a loin roast is too easy to end up dried out. 

We've been turning the dogs out loose in the yard since late winter, they really like it now that the weather is nice.  Elrond was playing foreman to Robin yesterday.  The dogs and the bees seem happy to ignore each other.


This is has been the view, more or less, from the side porch for the last couple hours, at that moment without the Nicor pickup that comes and goes:Collapse )
As you may note, the trailer is hanging over about half of our driveway.  But had the driver pulled forward, he could have left both our driveway and the second one down unobstructed.  Dipshit.  I haven't groused since I can get the Kia out if I want.  

I presume that the plan is to use the trencher to run a new gas line to the house next door - the one with the completely-obstructed driveway just to the right of ours in the picture.  I would have thought gas was run to the house when it was built, but maybe not.

Hmm.  Should I go point out that the idiots building the houses across the street hit the gas line at least twice, possibly three times, so it just might not be where it's expected?  Then again, those weren't for-real gas company contractors, and although it doesn't really show in the photo, JULIE has been out and there are flags and paint marks.

Aah, now I see why.  They're working on that corner they didn't pull forward to:

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