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Otterly Ridiculous

A little ranting, mustly just raving

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Born to unknown missionary parents deep in the Antarctic veldt, LonOtter was raised as a feral child by a herd of zweiback. Bounding across the plains the stately zweiback are a sight little appreciated by the western world, being largely ignored by Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, probably because there was insufficient danger for Jim to get into while good old Marlin Perkins narrated. Zweiback, you see, are the apex species of their ecologic niche.

This idyllic childhood was rudely interrupted when LonOtter was discovered by a Russian antarctic exploratory team. The experience of riding in a Hind helicopter scar...er...made quite an impression on our blogger. Transferred to a ship returning to the homeland via a route past Africa to Siberia, LonOtter was learning the rudiments of human civilization when tragedy struck! Marooned in Darkest Africa (tm), her years among the zweiback allowed LonOtter to befriend and adapt herself to life among the nauga. Even today she is a leading proponent in the anti-naugahyde movement.

Eventually she once again found herself among human society, after being discovered by racers in the famous Paris-Dakar rally. Time spent with the rally crews and the Russian scientists resulted in an interest in unusual vehicles, including construction equipment and coastal engineering. This led in time to taking a Civil Engineering degree from Michigan Technological University. But the statute of limitations on that incident has expired, so you can't make me give it back now, NYAH!

Somewhere in there LonOtter met, fell in lust, er, love with dracos66, and after the incident involving a jet-powered snow-blower, a wombat, and a jar of vegamite, The Sprout, aka Spud, aka The Otter Pup was born.

And then things got *really* wierd!

Journal of Geek Studies: http://www.zarquon.net/~otter/GeekJournal/GeekJournalHome.html
aardvarks, and money, anteaters, arctic exploration disasters, articulated dump trucks, boids, cat-gargoyles, evil overlords, excavators, grammar facism, hedgehogs, horses, kumquats, large mauve vultures, lemmings, longhorned cattle, midges, moose, naugas, oshkosh heavy trucks, otters, penguins, platypus, rutabagas, sarcasm, sea-otters, seals, weirdness, yaks, yanking chains of ad-bots, zweiback